3 Mistakes First-Time Window and Door Buyers Make

While many consumers do choose energy-efficient windows and doors for their home, they make mistakes that can wipe out the gains they would achieve from choosing Energy Star products. You’ll want to take care to avoid these mistakes that first-time window and door buyers make so that get all the benefits from these high-quality products. Mistakes First-Time Window and Door Buyers Make 1. Making a Decision Based on Price Alone Buying windows and doors for your home is an investment that you make only a few times over the lifetime of your home. You’ll want to buy a quality product Read More »

My Windows are Hard to Open and Close – Why?

When you buy new replacement windows, they will open and close easily. Over time, you may find that your windows are hard to open and close, especially if they have not received proper maintenance and upkeep over the years. For many people, opening and closing windows is a function that they do often but don’t give a lot of thought to until they run into a problem. Windows have moving parts which must be cleaned and lubricated regularly if they are going to operate smoothly. There are a few issues that can make your windows hard to open, even if Read More »

4 Advantages of Aluminum Replacement Windows

If your home’s architecture lends itself to a sleek, modern look, you will want to consider aluminum replacement windows for your renovation plans. This option offers a number of advantages that make it an excellent choice. Before you make a decision about upgrading your windows, take a look at these benefits you will get if you choose to go with aluminum windows for your home. Why Choose Aluminum Replacement Windows 1. Durability Aluminum is much stronger than vinyl window frames. Once they have been professionally installed, an aluminum window is very difficult to dislodge. 2. Low Maintenance Aluminum windows are Read More »

The Right Exterior Door Accessories will Enhance your Entranceway

When you are shopping for an exterior door for your home, you will be looking for one that complements its and architecture. You know that if you have a very traditional, Cape Cod style home that installing a very modern front door would probably not complement its look. While you may really like the feel of a rustic cabin when you look at decorating magazines or online, it doesn’t mean that a wooden door that has this type of look will look right in your suburban residence. With the number of quality styles available, you will be able to find Read More »

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