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Aluminum Windows and doors are extremely functional, virtually maintenance free, and complement the attenuated clean lines of modern design, while adding a nice “face lift” to more traditional styled homes. They have proven to be three times as strong as vinyl and more than forty times as strong as wood. While this strength protects windows from high winds and other inclement weather, it also increases the window space and allows for greater design versatility. Another notable feature, especially living in a city as large as Houston is that Aluminum windows outperform both wood and vinyl windows at noise abatement.

If you have a more modern or contemporary home the sleek clean lines of  Replacement Aluminum Windows, Sliding Patio and Storm Doors may be the perfect fit for your architecture. Our Aluminum Window Replacement collection includes Single and Double Hung, Casement and Storm Windows in Bronze, Tan, White, and Silver as well as Sliding Patio Storm Doors. If you are looking for a durable option for your new or replacement windows Aluminum is an excellent choice.

Gerkin Windows & Doors

Since 1932, Gerkin’s primary focus has been to manufacture energy-saving window and door products. In 1989, the company started to conceptualize and design our Rhino Commercial Aluminum Window and Door series. Gerkin is one of the few commercial aluminum window companies that offers a product line diverse enough to supply windows for schools, medical clinics, offices, motels, strip malls, loft apartments, and modern homes.

The Gerkin Rhino Aluminum Window Replacement line consists of a commercial horizontal slider, casement, single hung, double hung, hopper, awning, fixed windows and a patio door. Each Rhino window reflects the design and manufacturing expertise that Gerkin has implemented over the years.

Gerkin goes to great lengths to make sure that the Rhino Series Aluminum  replacement window and door products are the best they can be. The products are tested by independent laboratories to ensure quality and performance. The windows and doors are rated and certified by The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the National Fenestration  Rating Council (NFRC). 

Aluminum Windows in Houston
Aluminum Window Replacement in Houston
Renaissance Windows & Doors Aluminum Windows
Aluminum Windows in Houston

The Don Young Company

Not all replacement aluminum windows are the same!  The Don Young Company’s  commercial-grade aluminum windows feature a thermal break that separates the inside metal from the outside metal with very high-density catalyzed polyurethane. Generically, this engineered design is called “pour and de-bridge” in reference to the extrusion process. The Don Young Company  just calls it PolyPour. These windows set the aluminum lines apart from conventional, old-fashioned typical aluminum windows that have no thermal breaks. Among those that do, be careful to make sure you notice the differences. For example, Don Young Company features wide thermal breaks in the jambs, heads, sills, and all sashes of the windows; and the breaks align for maximum thermal performance. Lesser windows have thinner breaks, may not align, and may even have no thermal break in their sashes or sills.

PolyPour windows from Don Young Company fight condensation and have significantly better insulating values than any cheap “builder grade” aluminum window. If you want to learn more about thermal breaks for yourself, we recommend you go to this industry site and then click on Advanced Thermal Break Designs for generic technical information.

Aluminum Windows in Houston
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Heritage Windows & Doors

Heritage® Windows and Doors is a leading manufacturer of custom, high-quality windows and doors that specializes in creating aluminum windows and doors that are as resistant to the natural forces as they are beautiful. Heritage has led the way with innovations in design and manufacturing, making their windows ideal for use in both new construction and window replacement.  Heritage aluminum replacement windows are more than just a stylish addition to your home’s exterior. They provide a solid and reliable barrier that protects your comfort from the elements outside. Steadfast defenders of energy efficiency, they will keep the interior of your home pleasant even when wind, rain, snow, and sleet are blowing outside. When it is time to upgrade the windows in your home Heritage aluminum windows are the top choice for builders and remodeling companies everywhere.

Heritage® windows are known for:

Energy Efficiency

  • Thermally broken windows where two sections of exterior and interior aluminum extrusions are connected with a composite strip.

Style and Design

  • Operating windows can be inserted integrally to produce clean architectural lines.
  • Divided Lites and Arch Designs create a room with impact.
  • Multi-radius elliptical arches are also available (cost-effectively) to turn a home into a showcase.


  • Performance is built in to keep the elements out; the combination of seals and computer-controlled cutting and processing of metal and glass produces a precise fit.

Superior security features

  • Heritage® operating windows feature integrated multi point or secondary lock systems.
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Aluminum Windows in Houston
Aluminum Replacement Windows in Houston
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