Aluminum Replacement Windows Boost Curb Appeal

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Why are Aluminum Replacement Windows popular in Houston homes? Because aluminum windows today are modern-looking, almost maintenance free, and boost curb appeal compared to old, ugly windows. 

Our customers tell us they love choices in function, style, and colors for today’s aluminum replacement windows. Depending on the brand you choose from Renaissance Windows & Doors, aluminum windows can be as much as 3 times stronger than vinyl windows and up to 4 times stronger than wood. 

Another feature homeowners like is the narrower frame. This thinner profile gives you more glass and that means more visibility looking out from your kitchen to backyard oasis, for example. You’re investing in beautiful landscaping so you want to see more of it!

Depending on the brand and glass options you choose, aluminum replacement windows can also help with reducing noise from the street and city.  Of course, if you are replacing the old-style aluminum windows that leak your heated air in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, new windows will reduce noise and an help with energy bills, too!

Tired of Old Ugly Windows? Discover How to Choose the Best Aluminum Replacement Windows.

If you’re remodeling a traditional home, you might have old-style windows that have 6 or 9 grids on the top and bottom of the current windows. You can choose no grids or larger grids for a more modern look after choosing aluminum replacement windows for your home.

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Our Consultants will advise you on how to choose the best aluminum replacement window for your home. You choose the type of aluminum windows — from single-hung, double-hung, sliding, or casement, for example.

You can choose privacy glass, wind-resistant glass, and aluminum window (and door) frame colors ranging from bronze, black, silver, white, and other colors. 

During your free estimate appointment, ask your questions, get candid advice based on real experience with Houston homes, and feel free to choose the best windows for each room for you, your family, and home. 

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