There are a number of replacement windows available on the market. Awning windows are different from other options, since they open vertically from the bottom. The decision to use this type of window is often made based on where the windows are located in your home. This type of window is usually used in locations that are placed high up so that there is little risk of someone running into it from the outside.

Advantages of Awning Windows

  • Attractive and stylish in appearance
  • Provide good air ventilation
  • Prevent rain from entering your home
  • Good choice from a security standpoint
  • Economical to buy

Attractive Appearance

An awning window has hinges on the top side on its frame and opens outwards from the top. This gives your home a modern, stylish appearance.

Good Air Ventilation

You can get light and air into high places in your home, without having to compromise privacy. Awning windows can be installed in places where other options may not be able to fit.

Prevent Rain from Entering your Home

Since an awning window opens out and up from the bottom, they can provide good ventilation and light while protecting your home even during rainy weather. A traditional casement window will allow the light and air in, but will not be able to keep rain water out.

Secure Opening

Awning windows are usually installed high up on a wall of a home and they are quite small in comparison to other styles. They are relatively secure against break-ins. This style of window is a good option if you are looking for a window for a child’s room, since it doesn’t open very far. A young child is less likely to be able to open the window and tumble out.

Economical to Buy

Awning windows are an economical choice compared to other styles. You’ll want to make sure that the brand you are looking at is energy efficient and high quality so that it will last for several years, though.

Renaissance Windows and Doors carries quality awning windows as well as a number of other styles for your home. Whether you are looking for replacement windows or have a new construction project or renovation in mind, we will help you find the right window at the right price. Call us at 713-863-9988 set up an appointment or stop by our showroom to find out about the quality products we carry.

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