Bronze Replacement Windows Houston

Bronze Replacement Windows in Houston

Over the centuries, bronze has become a prized metal, generally used on relatively small items of high value. Medals, sculptures and works of art are indicators as to the true worth of this material. The Romans were the first to use bronze in cladding of doors and in the Middle Ages bronze became more widely used for architectural purposes. There are actually Bronze doors dating as far back as the 15th century, which demonstrates the durability of this material. In the 18th and 19th century we begin to see architectural bronze used in windows and doors and other decorative features.

Because of it’s aesthetic qualities and the sustainable enduring properties of the material, bronze windows will prove to be a long term investment to your home or project, giving it a feeling of luxury and prestige both inside and out.

“A beautiful and long-lasting alternative to aluminium- or timber-framed windows and doors, bronze fenestration is a growing choice for top-spec buildings and period properties. It’s also being used in contemporary homes with a more minimal, industrial aesthetic that combines simple, thin profiles with the subtle gleam and patina the material itself”Arkitexure Magazine

Benefits of Bronze

It fits beautifully into modern architecture, and is perfect for restoration of historic buildings, and as an element in the creation of unique and exclusive works.

  • Tradition and elegance, for prestigious architectural solutions.
  • -Variable surface appearance such as copper bronze (copper green),
  • -Bronze with shiny medium or dark burnishing, typical of antique bronze
  • -High resistance to corrosion, even in marine environments
  • -Absolute guarantee of long-lasting durability and low maintenance costs
  • Natural 100% recyclable material

Our line of steel windows and doors are built one at a time with precision and unparalleled craftsmanship. Each piece is handcrafted in Texas with a steadfast passion for creating the highest quality steel window and door product on the market that is equally beautiful and functional. Integrating old world craftsmanship with new world technology creates a product that is inherently strong and timeless, while also energy efficient, and resistant to condensation and corrosion. Advanced window technologies such as innovative thermal design, high-performance glazing, and progressive finish options are a few features that have helped the steel window evolve into what it is today.


Renaissance Windows and Doors is the Houston area’s preeminent supplier of new and replacement bronze & steel windows and doors. Our collection is made of superior quality, unrivaled artistry and superior strength that complement any design/architectural theme.

Bronze Replacement Windows in Houston
Bronze Replacement Windows Houston
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