The 411: Bay Windows and Bow Windows 

If you are looking for window styles for your home, you have plenty of options to choose from. For large windows in your living room or family room, you may be looking at either bay windows and bow windows as options. Do you know the difference between the two styles?

Bay Windows

Bay windows are made up of three windows which are installed in an angled arch shape. The center window is usually much larger than the other two. All three windows can be fixed, or you can choose to have double hung or casement windows installed at the sides. The latter option will allow you to open the window to let fresh air into your home during warm months.

This window option will give your room the illusion of having more space, and you can add a window seat with storage underneath if you want an easy way to add extra seating and storage to a casual room. This type of window will also allow more natural light to enter your room, which will create a bright space where your family will want to spend time.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are made up of between four and six windows arranged in a gentle arch shape. All the windows are typically the same size. In most cases, all the windows are fixed, although you can choose to have a series of casement or double hung windows, or even a combination of styles installed. This choice will also give you the feeling of extra space in your home and you can have a window seat installed if you wish.

How to Choose Between Bay Window and Bow Window

If you are trying to make a decision about whether a bay window or a bow window would be best for your home, the shape of your window hole will indicate which style would be best in many instances.

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