What Are Double Hung Windows?

What’s the difference between single hung and double hung windows?

These are the main differences between double hung windows and single-hung windows. Double-hung are the kind of windows that slide open at the top and bottom. With single hung windows, only the bottom half of the window slides up and down. Many homeowners consider double-hung to be children and pet-safe windows. Why? 

A double hung replacement window has double sliding mechanisms. As a result, the upper part slides down and the lower part slides up. You can slide the top part down to let air inside and leave the bottom half of the window securely shut.

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Reasons People Choose Double Hung Windows:

  1. With double hung windows, you can open the bottom and/or slide down the top to get more fresh air.
  2. Double hung windows can help keep your children or pets safe. You can open the top part for fresh air and not worry about your child falling out an open window. And (most) pets can look out the closed bottom glass yet can’t easily escape if the top of the double hung is open for air.
  3. Convenient Window Cleaning. Some homeowners prefer double hung windows because the top half tilts in most double hung brands. This makes window cleaning easier.
  4. The inventor designed the double hung window to allow more air inside the home. Of course, back then, air conditioning wasn’t in many homes so getting a breeze was really important. 

Problems with “Value Priced” Double Hung Vinyl Windows

Our most experienced window consultants advise you to take a close look at the quality and longevity of double hung “economy priced” vinyl windows.

  1. A value-priced economy double hung vinyl window may not last as long as you expect it should.
  2. The weight of the moving parts for the bottom and top “sashes” can make cheaper vinyl sashes sag. As a result, the windows look bad and do not function properly.
  3. The lower priced window may seem less expensive at first. Yet you may be replacing the windows again. As a result, you pay double in the long run because you might have to replaced the replacements! 

Renaissance Windows & Doors offers premium double hung windows.

You choose from several styles, colors, finishes, and brands — not just one brand.

And you can feel more confident in your purchase because all Renaissance-sold windows come with a guarantee from us and from the manufacturer. With us, you get the functionality, style, qualified and certified installation, and solid operation. Plus, you can rely on long-lasting double-hung replacement windows you expect and deserve.

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Advantages and Choices

There are many advantages to choosing Renaissance double hung replacement windows for your home. You can also select new double hung windows for your Houston new construction project.

Get 7 Advantages With Double-Hung Windows

  1. Double-hung windows come in a variety of styles and finishes such as wood, fiberglass, wood-clad, and more.
  2. There’s a wide variety of design choices to fit traditional, modern, or contemporary homes.
  3. Transoms can be added above double hung windows to allow more natural light into your home.
  4. Renaissance can design a larger wall of windows for you. This option “mulls” or fits together several windows to fill a wider space.
  5. Double-hung windows mulled together, open up visibility, and allow for fresh air and breezes. Unfortunately, picture windows cannot give you this functional advantage. 
  6. Easy to clean. With the top-tilting sash, you (or your designated window cleaner) clean windows faster!
  7. Add Value. The functioning capabilities of double-hung windows can add value to your home when you are ready to sell. 

Are Double-Hung Windows The Best Choice for Your Replacement Windows?

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… There was rain in the forecast for the next day, so they worked late into the evening to make sure the project was finished and sealed before the rain came the next day.
They are not necessarily the cheapest, but I found their price to be very fair for the service, product and warranty we received.

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