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Entry Doors

What’s your first impression?

The entrance to your home says a lot about who you are. It’s like a smile and a handshake that greets others and gives the first impression of your home. Chipped, peeling paint, faded by the sun, wood rot, warped, dented or cracked wood, or simply out-of-date entry doors are just a few of the things that can turn a warm smile into a cold stare.

Wood doors have long been the tradition for entryways. Wood can rot, warp, and fade. The harsh Texas sun and high humdity in Houston, coupled with frequent rain and flooding can give your entry door a beating, leaving it less than welcoming. Today’s fenestration technology offers the beauty of wood without the maintenance, and offers durability, security and energy efficiency.

Replacing your entry doors is an investment in your home that will pay off in a myriad of ways. Significantly improving the curb appeal of your home with a door that complements the home’s style, architecture can increase the overall perceived value of the home, estimated to be as much as 7%. A home valued at $400,000 could see a $28,000 home value increase.


ProVia entry doors are customized to fit your home perfectly for a tight, energy efficient and secure seal, as well as a perfect fit aesthetically, with endless possibilities of styles, materials, and hardware.

ProVia’s Embarq series are engineered for durability and take energy efficiency to the next level. Starting from the inside out with a polyurethane core to maximize energy savings and reduce thermal loss, this fiberglass door is the most energy efficient door in the U.S. market. The door offers at least 4-times more insulating value than a typical wood door, giving an unprecedented U-Factor of 0.09–the lowest recorded heat conduction measurement for entry doors in the U.S.

The door and sidelites construction is thickened to 2.5″ instead of the standard 1.75″ for efficiency and a dual perimeter seal creates a superior barrier against drafts and energy leaks. The 4.25″ finger-joint 4-ply hardwood strike stile provides a solid mounting surface for hardware, and superior structural integrity.

These doors have an authentic wood look made possible by using cutting edge NVD technology by MasterGrain. Scientifically formulated compounds provide superior resistance to denting, splitting, cracking or warping. The revolutionary DuraFuse Finishing sytem yields unprecedented finish durability. Wood look is available in Mahogany, Cherry, Oak, and Knotty Adler. Glass packages feature a Quad Glass System for the most energy-efficient glass package available on the market today.

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With more than 20 styles of doors from traditional to contemporary, 4 sidelite styles, 20 styles of art glass, plus decorative, privacy and clear glass, the imagination has no limits. Add to that multiple styles of simulted divided lights and panels, plus embelishments like a Colonial Door Knocker, Peepsite, Kick Plate, Faux Speakeasy, Hinge Straps and Clavos. ProVia offers several series of doors in fiberglass and steel. All are available in simulated wood or smooth skins in a variety of colors. Doors can be inscribed or inlayed with stainless steel for contemporary looks. With all these options you can create an entryway that is uniquely you.


Therma-Tru’s complete door systems feature doors, glass and components engineered to work together to resist leaks and drafts, and help maintain energy efficiency and weather resistance. Therma-Tru pays special attention to regional and consumer trends to deliver sought-after designs. Their approach to the perfect door starts with four questions:

  • What is the size of the doorway?
  • What is the style of the home?
  • Does the homeowner want to stain or paint the door?
  • How much light or privacy is desired?
  • What regional weather conditions are considered?

Once these questions are answered, Therma-Tru custom builds the fiberglass door with the look and feel of Mahogany or Oak, or a smooth, ready-to-paint finish.

Farmhouse style entry
Double entryway

Today’s trends include “Refined Simplicity”. This simplified aesthetic is streamlined, yet comfortable. Natural materials, refined textures and geometric accents compose this tranquil, purposeful style. Black grilles between the glass (GBG) make modern farmhouse and modern tudor easily styled. Contour or flat GBG bar options complete the look. With a multitude of grid patterns and lite profiles, this popular style will stand the test of time.

Linear design elements give the “Modern View” a retro revival with a livable edge. This trend has textural interest, softer statements, and seamless luxe. Therma-Tru offers walnut-grain flush doors with a striking combination of natural elements with a variety of linear engravings for geometric appeal. Direct set sidelites add to the simplistic design while maximizing natural lite.

“Eased Elegance” features classical, tailored design with an inviting warmth. Grand arches, relaxed design cues, and historic origins add to the inviting feel of this trend. Mahogany -grained common arch doors accentuate historic roots while bringing fresh details to crate the perfect statement-making entryway for homes with traditional design.

Decorative and specialty glass options like the “Texas Star” further enhance the beauty of your entry or select clear, frosted or privacy and textured glass options. Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs), fixed grilles, or GBGs add to the design. Strap hinges, clavos and dentil shelves are options to further match the style of your home to make it truly custom.

Beauty only begins to describe Therma-Tru doors. The Therma-Tru door system starts with a composite door frame featuring Tru-Guard composite technology provides a rot-free solution engineered to work together with rot-resistant Therma-Tru doors ad components. Weatherstrip is engineered in a variety of profiles to provide the best possible fit to deliver a precise seal between the door and frame. Sill and bottom sweep form a tight seal against wind-driven moisture infiltration at the bottom of the door system adn help channel moisture away from the home. Corner seal pads further help block wind-driven moisture at the bottom corner of the door system. Hinges position the door to properly compress the weatherstrip to help form a tight, even seal against air and moisture infiltration when the door closes. Multi-point locking system engages the door and frame at three points from top to bottom, helping to preserve the weatherstrip’s seal even under wind pressure. Lip-lite frame features a compression seal against weather on the outside of the door and an adhesive seal against weather on the outside of the glass. Flush-glazed glass is built directly into the door without a Lip-lite frame, featuring a high-performance adhesive weather seal inside and out.

warm smiles preferred

The innovative technology of today’s doors will keep your home smiling for years to come. No longer do homeowners need to worry about wood rot, warping and fading in harsh sun or high humidity environments like Houston. Maintenance becomes a thing of the past. Entry doors enhance the home’s overall aesthetic, curb appeal and perceived value. From traditional, “Eased Elegance”, to a casual “Refined Simplicity”, and the clean, linear lines of “Modern View”, homeowners have more choices and styles of entry doors than ever before. Selecting wood-look, or smooth factory painted finishes sets a foundation for glass, hardware, sidelites, and a host of choices that make your door uniquely yours.

The smile and a handshake will become big grins and hugs for all who enter. And your new entry doors will put the biggest smile of all on your own face!

Let the Renaissance Windows and Doors team of experts guide you in the selection of the perfect new entry door for your home. From the first hello to the final thank you, our service at every step will keep you smiling. Call today at 713-863-9988. Let’s get started.