As a parent back to school season is always bittersweet as it means summer will soon come to an end and the kiddos are headed back to school leaving your days a bit emptier. But now that the kids are back in school you will have more time to think about those home improvement projects that have been put on the back burner which will also help to keep yourself from feeling like an empty nester. Here are a few ideas to help you get started transforming your space and keeping occupied these first lonely days….and head up, Labor Day is just around the corner. 

The Efficient Kitchen

For many families back to school may mean a full calendar of kids practices, games, or other activities. It can be hard to get everyone on the same schedule for a family dinner. It can be even more unmotivating to cook when you have a less than functional kitchen or are lacking space to cook. Now may be the perfect time to make your kitchen work for your family. Storage and organization is key to a successful kitchen. Try adding undercounter refrigeration drawers to keep the kids go to snacks separate. Add a large island for quick serve meals.

Re-placing or updating doors and windows

Back to school time may be the best time to schedule bigger home improvement projects. If your windows and doors are older and need to be replaced scheduling the work to be done when the kids are at school will make it less hectic and stressful for you. The professionals at Houston’s Renaissance Windows & Doors would be happy to sit down and help you decide which type of replacement windows and doors are right for your home.

Organizing your home

Arguably the most daunting of tasks, but still its best to get into your kid’s rooms and eliminate minimally used toys and clothing while they are away from home. You can also add organizational units hassle-free while the kids are at school! Other areas of your home that can generally be organized within a day or two include the closets, attic, pantries, laundry room and garage.

Replacement flooring

Replacing your home’s carpet with new carpets or hardwood flooring is a great way to freshen up a space. Either completing the project yourself or hiring a professional, it will be much easier to get done when there are less people (kids) in the home.


Whether it is some simple touch-ups or an entire room the process will go much smoother and faster while the kids are at school. Painting is an inexpensive way to give any space a fresh, new look and should definitely be included in your planned Home Improvement Projects for the 2018 Back to School Year.

Deep clean, especially commonly used spaces

The process of going back to school and readjusting to your family’s new schedule can be taxing—leaving lots of potential for messes and clutter to go unnoticed. To avoid this from happening (or to at least counteract its effects), take some time now to deep clean commonly used spaces. These include the kitchen, kids’ bathroom, study area, and more. By starting the school year on the right foot, your family will be able to stay on track with greater ease.


So…..which of these Home Improvement Projects for the 2018 Back to School Year ideas do you plan on trying this August/September? Be sure to let us know! We hope that each improvement makes a positive impact on you and your family, now and throughout the year.


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