Are you looking for replacement windows for spaces in your home where you want to admit natural light but still have privacy? Not everyone wants or needs to add blinds or shades on all their windows and if you are someone who doesn’t like a fussy appearance or has a unique space to work with, Hy-Lite replacement windows can offer you the solution you need.

Hy-Lite block panels and windows are made from a strong acrylic which are pre-assembled into the desired configuration. This material is much lighter than traditional glass block, which means they can be used just about anywhere in your home. You do not need to be concerned about the blocks sagging or caulk lines cracking over time due to the weight of the heavier materials.








Where to Use Hy-Lite Replacement Windows

Are you wondering where you could use Hy-Lite replacement windows in your home? Here are some ideas you could consider:

  1. Install this style of window in your bathroom over a large soaker tub. You will still be able to enjoy having natural light in the room during bathing, without having to choose blinds or curtains for this area – a bonus if you would like to light candles while soaking the days’ stress away.
  2. Basement windows need to provide you with privacy, especially if they face the street, and they need to be in a style that can be opened. Hy-Lite replacement windows solve both issues rather easily, since they are available in casement styles that can easily be opened for cleaning or in an emergency.
  3. Use the acrylic block on a window in a stairwell landing to let in some natural light and create a unique look.
  4. Let the light into your kitchen with a Hy-Lite replacement window. Install it over your sink, near your eating area, or anywhere else you have a standard window.
  5. Give an accent window in your living room or family room a clean, modern look with acrylic blocks instead of clear glass.
  6. Use it in a living room or bedroom as a decorative accent to a picture window.

To find out more about Hy-Lite replacement windows and your other options to update the windows in your home, visit the Renaissance Windows & Doors showroom today. Our friendly staff would be pleased to help you choose the right option to fit your style and budget.


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