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Impact Resistant

Safeguard People and Property

As an entry point to your home, it is essential that your patio door provide safety and security as well as protection against incoming weather.  Neuma Doors are designed to withstand the impact of extreme weather conditions.  The precision engineered door units protect your home against water infiltration and stand up against extreme heat and cold.  

Neuma Doors offers a variety of impact rated door options for added protection.  Designed to safeguard people and property.  Neuma Impact Doors are built to stay strong during high wind events that can hurl debris at the door.  The high impact fiberglass panels with a dense foam core and laminated impact glass work together to keep the effects of extreme weather from penetrating the door.  For safety and security, the laminated glass in an impact door contains a cut resistant vinyl interlayer that remains intact and adheres to glass fragments should the glass ever be broken. 

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Impact Resistant Doors - Coastal Residential Home

Visual Impact

Bring out the Best of Your Home’s Style

Something as simple as a door can have a dramatic Visual Impact on your home.  The right door brings out the best qualities in your home and can be the focal point of your indoor-outdoor patio space.  Clean lines, rich textures, and tall glass panes provide your home with a strong atmosphere of elegance.  Low maintenance fiberglass is easy to clean, easy to paint or stain, allowing you to add a personal flair.  A variety of stain, paint, and hardware finish options allow you to accent your decor and create the perfect door for your space.

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Outdoor Impact

Extend Your Living Area

Extend your living area with a Neuma Patio Door and create a flexible space that accommodates the way you live.  Open or closed, you can appreciate an expansive, unobstructed view and create a space that is open to the outdoor views and infused with natural light with Neuma Door Systems.  Their patio doors are designed with visual impact in mind, offering flush glazed windows, realistic woodgrain patterns, and a wide range of transoms and sidelights.  With customization options such as color, lite pattern, and configuration, your door will be a true reflection of your style and leave a lasting impact on all of your guests. 

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