Marvin Infinity Picture Window

Late fall is the perfect time of year to plan your home improvement project and think about what you would like to do around your home. No doubt there is always something you would like to fix (or fix up) around the house. If you have a space that faces toward a lovely view or you would like to be able to get more natural light into your home, a picture window is definitely an option to consider. There are some definite advantages to including this style in your plans.

Advantages of Installing a Picture Window in your Home

Cost Effective Choice

Since a picture window is a fixed piece of glass within a frame with no moving parts, it is a more economical choice a window of a similar size that has moving items. You will never have to deal with the cost of fixing broken or worn out parts in years to come.

Increased Level of Natural Lighting

Flooding your home with natural light will not only save on your electrical costs, but will help you and your family members feel more energetic, too. With more people working from home, at least some of the time, consider adding a picture window to your work space to increase productivity, reduce eye strain, lower the number of mistakes and improve mood. If you or someone in your household is operating a home office, be sure to position the desk in a way that it takes advantage of the maximum amount of available daylight.

Unobstructed View to the Outside

Once a picture window is installed, you will be able to look outside and see your flower garden, your back yard getaway or the landscape near where you live. Depending on the size of the window you choose, you get to control how much of the outside world you allow inside your home.

Would you like to explore your options for having a picture window installed in your home? Renaissance Windows and Doors can help you choose your design and install it. Contact us today to discuss your project.


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