Can you really purchase replacement windows for $189 or less including installation? We have all seen those advertisements of replacement windows at $189.  I’m sure at one point or another we have all thought “wow, what a great deal!”  At some point you have to wonder if it really is? If you can…should you?

Fact or Fiction?

Renaissance Windows and Doors has been in the replacement window business for nearly two decades.  I can pretty much guarantee you that we have never sold a window in the $189 price range. And, if you want the truth we couldn’t.  You see, there are a wide variety of factors that go into the cost of replacement windows and their installation. Consider the raw materials that go into the manufacturing of the product, and of course the labor intensive manufacturing of the product itself. How about storage, shipping materials and costs? How about labor? And what about the cost of installation and trim materials if needed?

We sell mainly: vinyl windows, aluminum windows, fiberglass windows, wood windows and bronze windows. Of course of those 5 main categories vinyl tends to be the least expensive. When conducting research online we found that the average cost of the lowest quality vinyl material per window is around $120-$150. This does NOT include installation. Again, we are talking just the vinyl in the smallest average dimensions for a window. This does not factor in all the “bells and whistles” like how the window opens or operates or what kind of application the material is best used for.

For a company to sell you a vinyl window at an advertised price of $189, with the window itself priced between $120-$150, that would leave the company between $10-$20 for the installation once you factor in the shipping and handling costs. Can you imagine what kind of installation work you would get when the installer is only being paid between $10-20 for the job? I daresay it wouldn’t be quality work and you can forget about any hopes of a decent warranty. In the end, you would probably end up paying more for service calls then you paid for the original window and installation.

Definitely Fiction!

I think it is fair to say that no company with any hopes of profitability is going to sell you a window for $189. Moreover they certainly wouldn’t want to. I’m guessing that this $189 advertised price is just a gimmick to get you through the door. Once they’ve got you on the hook, they’ll work up your actual estimate. Then you’ll see that price double, even triple pretty quickly.

So, while purchasing a window for $189 sounds great, the reality is that it would be a mistake to think that you can do so. The even bigger mistake would be to entrust a company with an investment as important as your home, after they have used deceptive practices to lure you in. We believe in treating each and every one of our clients with respect and fairness.  At Renaissance Windows and Doors you will be greeted with honesty and integrity from start to finish. Whether you own a million dollar home that needs complete wood window replacement, or a hundred thousand dollar home that just needs one or two vinyl windows replaced.


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