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What Are The Best Windows to Reduce Traffic Noise?

Traffic noise is a common complaint in the Houston area. We’ve had customers all over the area calling us to help them choose the right replacement windows to block street traffic and interstate highway road noise.

You want to choose from several brands to look at how the noise reduction is achieved. 

Some windows have an extra layer of glass, others add one or more layers of laminate to the window. If you don’t want to spend time trying to learn about all the options, connect with Houston’s window experts at Renaissance Windows & Doors.

How Does "Laminated Glass" Reduce Noise Coming In My Home?

Noise reduction windows often have “laminated glass” that helps block annoying loud sounds of  noisy neighbors, screeching cats, barking dogs, and street noise. 

Laminate is a thick film layer that is bonded to the glass in the window to add strength and block noise for a soundproofing effect. 

Laminate windows helps prevent noise coming from outside of your home. Call us for a phone consultation or an in-home evaluation on how to use laminate windows to help soundproof your home. 713-863-9988


About Soundproofing Home Windows

If you’re tired of constant loud, disrupting noises, you might be considering noise-proofing your home windows. For 23 years, Renaissance has helped homeowners get peace & quiet with noise reducing, soundproofing replacement windows.

Replacing single-pane, inefficient windows starts toward soundproofing your bedrooms and living spaces. Adding lamination or additional layers of glass are effective ways to block noise from outside.

When you’re home, you want to relax. 

Train whistles, screeching tires on Saturday night, construction saws, dump trucks, and dumpsters being emptied are annoying and can be eliminated with noise-proofing windows from Renaissance.

Renaissance Offers Noise Reduction Windows from these and other fine brands:


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