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Thinking of New Picture Windows?

A picture window is a large window that does not open. They’re popular because a picture window offers a clear and unobstructed view of the outside environment. Picture windows frame for the view from your home. Whether you’ve invested in beautiful landscaping, an outdoor oasis, beautiful outdoor living area, or have scenery that beckons you to look outside, you may enjoy the visibility that picture windows provide. 

When it comes to choosing and installing replacement picture windows, Houston area homeowners have plenty of options. In an older home, picture window replacement can add modern style to a room by replacing an outdated window. And this style of windows gives you lots of design options.

For example, you can choose dark bronze or black for the exterior and white interiors for your picture windows. And you’ll love the color selection from our aluminum clad picture window manufacturers.

With more than a dozen window brands, the choices are endless. Don’t settle for one choice of brand or style! Match your new or replacement picture window frame to the view that is on display in your Houston home. 

Start with am expert consultation in your home. You’ll get the answers and facts you need to make the best picture window choice for your home.

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Advantages of Picture Windows

  • They provide natural beauty. Get a clear view of the beauty that is outside. Frame your favorite view. Make it seem like a part of the room.
  • They are normally cheaper to maintain than standard windows. This is because they don’t have moving parts that break and need replacing. Considering that older homes have older windows, many of these parts may be hard to find anyway. This would make picture window replacement a total nightmare.
  • They can help with insulation and weatherproofing. These windows are very energy efficient. They provide more heat during the wintertime by bring in more sunshine. This is an additional source of heating that is free. In addition, picture windows are fixed. This means that heat does not escape. Also, cold air cannot come inside.
  • They provide natural lighting. Picture windows are made with a lot of glass, which means that loads of sunshine comes into your home. Artificial lighting isn’t needed as much during the daytime. Use overhead lighting and lamps during the night time hours only.
  • They keep out allergens. They may bring in sunlight, but they also keep out allergens. This is a good window choice for anyone who needs to keep out bad air due to allergies.

Our Preferred Replacement Picture Windows in Houston Brands

At Renaissance Windows & Doors we take a great deal of pride in the products that we offer and the window and door replacement services that we provide. Our team carefully vets each manufacturer whose products that we sell for Houston window replacement and new construction projects. Only products made from the best materials, with the best energy efficiency ratings backed by industry leading warranty’s make it to our showroom.  

Our extensive portfolio of Replacement Picture Windows are manufactured by industry leaders like: