A Quick Guide to Shopping for Windows & Doors

Home improvement projects are really our thing, especially helping out when it comes to consumers shopping for windows & doors.  Seriously, we geek out over even the smallest projects. We’re kind of experts, especially when it comes to windows and doors…they’re our specialty. We’ve been doing this a really long time and thought we’d share some things we’ve learned over the years with you before the Summer heat rolls in. Fear not. Even if you’ve never purchased new windows before (and let’s face it, most of us haven’t), the process can actually be very smooth. Start with these simple, straightforward steps to narrow your choices and speed up the process..

1). Ok, first things first. The most important thing to do when beginning a home improvement project (even if you are just shopping for windows & doors) is to pin point what your budget will be, when doing so it is always a good idea to include just a bit of wiggle room. Being realistic about your spending at the start of a project will help you to avoid a good many headaches later on. When you are setting your budget, be sure to take into consideration the magnitude of your project and all that it entails. Now is a good time to start researching financing options if you find you need the extra cushion. There are many great programs out there, we use Synchrony Bank for our customers, they have great interest rates and many times customers don’t have to make payments for a full year.

2).This is often overlooked, but its best to pull out your calendar and really decide when you are available to start the project. Saying “2017” is way too vague and you open yourself up to scheduling conflicts. Consider that you will need time to research and meet with contractors, as well as time to choose products, designs and/or materials. Then of course there is the work itself. You don’t want to have an invasive home improvement project happening right around the same time that you’ll have a house full of guests, or as your planning a trip out of town.

3). Consider your lifestyle. Think about the people, places and things in your life. Will you need to keep blinds and shades out of reach of little hands or paws? Do you redecorate frequently? Is there a particular view you’d like to preserve or create? And what about regional considerations — does your area see extreme temperatures? Gather inspiration. Visit sites like Houzz and Pinterest for photos, ideas and tips that can help inspire your next great space. This will help you determine what you want the finished product to look like, both inside and out

4).Now that all of the semantics are out of the way it’s time to start looking at contractors. The best piece of advice that we can give you on this is to do your due diligence. Read as many online reviews as you can, check the business records through agencies like the Better Business Bureau. Find out what previous clients have to say about their products or services BEFORE you ever even pick up the phone to give them a ring. If things look a little sketchy, trust us, they probably are. Pick the contractors that have the best reviews from like minded consumers and the best business ratings (see ours here) and give them a call. Find out about their warranties, their products and services at your initial meeting. Choosing a window and door replacement company with a showroom where you can actually go and see the products and staff is the best way to go. Be weary of by appointment only showrooms, our is open to the public during normal business hours with no appointment necessary.


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