Replacement Casement Windows
Replacement Casement Windows
Replacement Casement Windows

What Are Replacement Casement Windows?

A Casement is a window that is attached to its frame by hinges at the side much like a door. Replacement casement windows can be used alone or in pairs within a common frame- this is called a twin casement. Casement windows are cranked open by turning a handle located at the bottom of the window frame. 

Advantages of Casement Windows

They Provide a Fully Open Window

No other window can be opened as far as replacement casement windows, which can be an important advantage when you depend on cross ventilation to cool your home. In a lake home, for example, casement windows have a great advantage. When you open replacement casement windows, you swing the entire window open as opposed to:

  • Single hung windows, in which the top sash is stationary, 
  • Sliding windows, where only one side of the window can open. The other side is usually fixed.
  • Fixed windows. Obviously these never open.

If the size of your replacement window openings is important to you, you may want to consider casements for your homes window replacement project. 

Fewer Muntins and Better Views

Muntins are those strips of wood, vinyl, metal, or fiberglass that divide panes of glass within a single window.  Sometimes muntins are desired; other times, not. If you aren’t a fan of  muntins then you’re definitely in luck with casements.  With dual-sash casements, the only strip that separates you from the great, beautiful outdoors is the window frame “strip” between the two sashes.  In single-sash casements there are no muntins.

Replacement Casement Windows Catch Side Breezes

If by some weird trick of nature, breezes move along your house at an acute angle, it’s difficult to get any kind of air moving through your house with most styles of replacement windows. But casements have an open sash that acts as a flap to funnel breezes into your house. For example, if your home is tightly boxed in by neighbors, the angle of the casement windows may allow you to catch breezes that other window styles could not make use of.

Better Security

Casement windows are very difficult to break into a fact that should not be overlooked for Houston residents being that we live in the 4th largest city in the United States of America.  Casement window locks are hook-shaped, and these hooks are embedded within the frame, making them virtually untouchable. Contrast this with double-hung windows, which are easy to break into by slipping a slim pry bar under the sash and lifting. The sash lock’s screws pull right out of the wood.

Our Preferred Replacement Casement Windows in Houston Brands

At Renaissance Windows & Doors we take a great deal of pride in the products that we offer and the window and door replacement services that we provide. Our team carefully vets each manufacturer whose products that we sell for Houston window replacement projects. Only products made from the best materials, with the best energy efficiency ratings backed by industry leading warranty’s make it to our showroom.  

The Marvin Family Of Brands

The Infinity Replacement Casement

One word describes Infinity from Marvin® Replacement Casements – easy. They are easy to choose, easy to operate and easy to love. The Casement (left or right hinged) combines beauty with virtually effortless operation. The standard Easy Wash® hinge is just that, a design that lets you easily clean the window both inside and out. The optional Clear View® hinge provides for an optimal viewing area. Casements, made of Ultrex® fiberglass, feature folding handles that tuck conveniently out of the way of most window treatments and provide a clean, finished look.

Windows That Never Compromise

Sierra Pacific Casements

Sierra Pacific Casement Windows are the perfect choice for top-to-bottom, unobstructed views and wide-open ventilation. Use them alone or in combination with other window types and shapes. Their smooth action and ability to compliment any architectural style will make them one of your favorites. Find nearly unlimited sizes and design options to match your existing décor or redo a room exactly the way you want.

Reliable & Energy Efficient

Jeld-Wen Casement Windows

Simplicity and modern design are always on display with a Jeld-Wen Replacement casement window. This type of window provides maximum ventilation. It’s hinged on either side, so the sash opens outward, to the right or left, in a swinging motion. Featuring 41 clad exterior colors, copper cladding, 10 wood interior finishes, sustainable solutions with energy efficient, protective, textured, tinted, decorative glass and a lifetime warranty to boot. 

Innovative Window Soulutions

Showcase Earthwise Casement

Showcase Earthwise 143 replacement casement windows provide excellent structural and thermal performance in a design that is modern, functional, and easy to operate. Earthwise awning and casement windows are guaranteed to last a lifetime and will improve the comfort and appearance of your home. Make The Wise Choice™.  Choose Earthwise windows and doors.

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