Your household to-do list is probably getting longer as the temperatures climb, but replacing your windows is one project that you should move right to the top. Find out what you stand to gain by making new windows a priority this summer.  Over the past 20 years in the Replacement Window business there is one thing that has remained the same, when summer arrives, in Houston remodeling and home improvement projects really pick up speed. The warmer temperatures and longer days make summer the perfect time to tackle all those tasks that can be thwarted by cold weather. Summertime in Texas can be brutal and that is putting it mildly. 

While all of us will inevitably and probably simultaneously enjoy & curse the warmth of the season, old and worn windows can put quite a damper on things and make staying in doors a little more than unbearable. That’s because they tend to let wayward air seep in, and that can affect the temperature in your home. This can get uncomfortable pretty quick when it’s hot air trying to get in. Your air conditioning has to work double-time just to keep things comfortable—assuming the unit you have is even powerful enough to battle the sultry heat.

That being said…the question on everyone’s mind is…

Can Replacement Windows Keep Your Home Cool This Summer?


1. Beat the Bad Weather

Window replacement involves opening your home to the elements, and this can give a homeowner pause.  No one wants to replace windows when it’s freezing outside in the winter. Even in spring, with all that rain, isn’t ideal. Window replacement is best done during the sunny, warm days of summer.

Avoiding a window project in winter isn’t just a question of household comfort. Winter’s frigid temperatures and inclement weather can also impede construction. For example, some types of exterior caulking do not adhere well in cold weather, so you won’t get the best seal possible. Replacing windows in the winter may also lead to delays due to rescheduling as a result of  extreme weather conditions. The best all-around option is to replace windows when it’s warm outside. Then, when Old Man Winter comes calling a few months later, you’ll already have a cozy, draft-free home.

2. Enjoy Lower Cooling Costs Now

Keeping the house cool during hot weather can put a strain on the budget, especially when the existing windows are single-pane. People often replace their windows for energy efficiency and that necessity becomes glaringly evident right when things are starting to heat up.

If your air conditioner has to run nonstop just to maintain a comfortably cool indoor temperature, you’ll notice an immediate difference in your utility bills as soon as you have new windows installed. Today’s energy-efficient replacement windows feature argon gas-filled panes that reduce heat transfer through the glass, so your AC unit won’t have to work overtime just to keep you cool. Windows with low-e coating further reduce solar transfer. You won’t feel the heat so much, even when you’re standing right next to a sunny window. The coatings also filter out the rays of the sun, helping to protect carpet, draperies, and upholstery from fading.

To fit every need and budget, replacement windows from Renaissance Windows & Doors in Houston come in one of three grades of quality—good, better, and best—and they’re all Energy Star® rated.

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3. Savor the Seasons

When you replace outdated windows in the summer, you’ll be able to enjoy those soft autumn breezes just around the corner. Old windows, especially if they’ve been painted, can be difficult (or impossible) to open. Replacing yours now ensures that you’ll have new windows that will open and close smoothly on that first fresh, breezy fall day.

Moreover, you can upgrade to windows that are a snap to clean, so it will be easy for you to keep your view of the outside free of dirt and smudges. Renaissance Windows & Doors offers a variety of replacement windows in popular styles: double-hung windows that open effortlessly and tilt out for easy cleaning, traditional sliders, casement windows that open via a hand crank, and fixed (non-operable) picture windows, garden  windows, and bay windows.

4. Silence the Harsh Sounds of Summer

When summer finally arrives and everyone heads outdoors, things get noisy. Kids’ games, yard maintenance, remodeling projects, barbecues—everything adds to the neighborhood noise level. While sounds like birdsong and children’s play can be pleasant and cheerful, the banging of hammers on the neighbor’s construction project and the roaring engine of the lawn mower down the block most decidedly are not. People don’t realize how much unwanted noise enters through old windows,  so they’re often pleasantly surprised by the remarkable noise reduction after the installation of new replacement windows.

Any replacements for old, leaky windows will help damper the sounds from outdoors. But if you’re specifically interested in creating a quieter home environment, speak to a professional at Renaissance Windows & Doors about double pane  windows and windows with laminated glass and added insulation in the frame.

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5. Impact Protection

Summer brings everyone outdoors, and with this increase in outside activity comes an increase in the risk of broken and cracked windows. Surprisingly, though, neighborhood kids playing ball aren’t the leading cause of broken windows on houses. The number-one perp? High winds, common in many areas of the country as fall approaches, which break tree branches and turn sticks into projectiles. “It’s not that the wind is blowing—it’s what the wind is blowing” that poses a threat to window panes, Renaissance Window & Doors consultants say.

Older windows are more susceptible to cracking and breaking on impact than newer options available from Renaissance Windows & Doors. Some newer designs sandwich a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) between laminated glass panes, so if an impact is strong enough to break a window, the glass will shatter harmlessly instead of fragmenting into deadly shards that pose a danger to people and pets in the home.

The impact-resistant windows available today also offer added security from break-ins—something you’re sure to appreciate when you go away on vacation. Indeed, Renaissance Windows & Doors wide selection of windows offers security features like dual-cam locks and durable steel-reinforced frames. If you put in these tough, beautiful windows this summer, you’ll enjoy peace of mind for the rest of the season and also benefit from this smart home improvement for many, many years to come.

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