ResizeImageChoosing windows for your home is something that you should take very seriously. Not only do you want to find a product that will look beautiful for several years, but you will also want to look at practical considerations, such as how well the model you are considering will hold up under severe weather and if it is strong enough to discourage would-be thieves and vandals. Showcase impact windows are a quality product that fits the bill on all counts.

Built to Stand up to Whatever Mother Nature Throws at It

The Showcase line of vinyl windows is fashioned from double-strength, tempered, and laminated glass. It has a KeepSafe Maximum PVB inner layer which is bonded under pressure between the two panes. As a result of this material, and a dead-air space created by a pane of tempered glass set in a rigid virgin vinyl frame, the window is highly resistant to penetration from flying debris.

When tested, this window was able to resist repeated blows from a 10 ft, 2×4 wood beam weighing 9 lb. and traveling at a rate of 34 mph. The windows have also resisted wind speeds of up to 171.54 mph. The will stand up well in a storm, without the necessity of having to install storm shutters or putting up plywood to protect your home.

Taking these steps may make your home a target for would-be thieves or vandals, who may think that the home is unoccupied if a major storm were to hit your area. It would put you and your family at a disadvantage, since you would not be able to see out of your windows to observe outside events.

Protection from Break-ins

Showcase impact  windows will also stand up well against blows from crowbars, hammers, or bricks. The pane will remain in place inside the frame, which will make access to your home more difficult for the person trying to gain access.

Other Features of Showcase Impact Windows

This window line is not just about security, though. Choosing Showcase impact vinyl windows for your home means you will be able to shield your furniture and carpets from 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays and reduce fading. This window offers superior noise reduction by cutting outside noise by up to 50 percent compared to ordinary glass.

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