22 Dec

A Quick Guide to Shopping for Windows & Doors

A Quick Guide to Shopping for Windows & Doors Home improvement projects are really our thing, especially helping out when it comes to consumers shopping for windows & doors.  Seriously, we geek out over even the smallest projects. We’re kind of experts, especially when it comes to windows and doors…they’re our specialty. We’ve been doing this

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27 Dec

What are Egress Windows?

    An egress window is one that must be installed in specific points in a structure. These windows can be used to exit the building or home if an emergency occurs that prevents the doorway from being used in the normal fashion. In order to quality as an egress window, a window must meet

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30 Sep

3 Mistakes First-Time Window and Door Buyers Make

While many consumers do choose energy-efficient windows and doors for their home, they make mistakes that can wipe out the gains they would achieve from choosing Energy Star products. You’ll want to take care to avoid these mistakes that first-time window and door buyers make so that get all the benefits from these high-quality products.

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