20 Oct

Infinity Classic Sliding Patio Doors

Nothing beats the classic form of an Infinity Classic Sliding Patio Doors when you are looking to open up a space leading to a patio area, balcony or back yard. If you want a fuss-free look that will let in plenty of light, the patio door is definitely the way to go. A patio door also

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10 May

Window Pros and Cons: Wood vs. Fiberglass

Last week on the blog we talked about choosing the right windows for your home based on architecture and style. This week we are talking about the importance of choosing the right materials. The two most popular materials for replacement windows are wood and fiberglass, and there are pros and cons to choosing each. By

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13 Apr

The Advantages of Sliding Patio Doors

Don’t you want to make your home energy efficient and keep it free from allergens like dust and pollens this summer? Then you have to take proper action now and one step you can take is to install fiberglass windows. These are highly efficient and will also keep your home safe from harmful infrared and

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