Windows That Are Hard To Open

When you buy new replacement windows, they will open and close easily. Over time, you may find that your windows are hard to open and close, especially if they have not received proper maintenance and upkeep over the years.

For many people, opening and closing windows is a function that they do often but don’t give a lot of thought to until they run into a problem. Windows have moving parts which must be cleaned and lubricated regularly if they are going to operate smoothly. There are a few issues that can make your windows hard to open, even if you have been diligent about your cleaning and maintenance routine.

What to Do When Single and Double Hung Windows are Hard to Open and Close

If you have a buildup of dirt or dust on your single or double hung windows, they will become hard to open and close over time. As the buildup of this kind of debris worsens, friction increases, and the window will be very hard to get open. It will also be hard to get it to close tightly.

Once you notice an issue with your windows, start by giving your window frames a thorough cleaning. Spray them with a non-silicone lubricant. Look for a solvent-free brand for this purpose. After the lubricant has been applied, open and close the window several times to work it in.

If the problem is still present after you have taken these steps, the spring is likely too tight. Adjust or replace the spring and the window should work properly.

Deal with Issues with Sliding Windows

This style of window is very simple to operate, and relies on a roller and a sliding track. If they become hard to open and close, the problem likely involves the roller system.

Give it a thorough cleaning with a mild soap and water solution. This will look after the issue in many cases, but if it doesn’t, lubricating the roller system should help. As a preventive measure, clean and lubricate the casing at least once a year to keep your windows in good working order.

Having windows that are hard to open and close is not only inconvenient, but can present a safety concern in your home. If you are looking for quality replacement windows, Renaissance Windows and Doors carries quality products from Infinity by Marvin, Hurd, Showcase, Jeld-Wen, and Hy-Lite. Contact us start looking for the perfect style for your home today.


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