Replacement Windows

Windows Top the List

of Home Renovations

A recent survey by Houzz found that homeowners are staying put.  In fact, 3 out of 5 homeowners (61%) plan to stay in their home for 11 years or more following a renovation. Kitchen and bathroom remodels continue to top the list of interior renovations. However, replacement windows top the list of exterior renovations, knocking roofing upgrades off the pedestal. 

It is no wonder homeowners looking to update their homes are putting windows first.  While window upgrades are listed as “Exterior Building Upgrades,” replacement windows actually upgrade your home inside and out!  

It is true that replacement windows update your home’s exterior, adding to the curb appeal and perceived value of your home.  Replacement windows can modernize the look of your home or take a traditional style to the next level. New technologies use aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, and other hybrid materials as well as advanced wood treatments to make replacement windows virtually maintenance-free.  Many double-hung window styles have tilt features so windows can be cleaned inside and outside from the interior.  This is especially helpful for upper story windows as homeowners will no longer need to climb ladders to wash exterior windows.  

Replacement windows dress up the interior of your home as well.  Just as the exterior of the windows is available in many materials, so is the interior.  And the interior material can be different from the exterior.  Aluminum, fiberglass, or hybrid materials on the outside can match the exterior or have a wooden interior.  Or, a color choice for the exterior doesn’t have to be the same color on the interior, and that color choice can change from room to room, or the material can be painted to match any decor. 

Besides enhancing the beauty of your home and updating the curb appeal, replacement windows can increase the energy efficiency of your home, reducing energy usage by as much as 24% in the winter months and 18% in the summer months. Replacement windows can also add to the security of your home, whether from break-ins or severe weather like hurricanes.   

Replacement windows are not all the same. Materials and construction matter. The extremes of Texas weather take their toll on inferior materials. We’ve all driven past a house with thick framed, white vinyl windows which stick out like a sore thumb. Many times cracking, peeling and discoloration have already set in.  Fiberglass, aluminum, hybrid materials, and high-grade vinyl windows can last a lifetime which is often reflected in their warranty.  

Just as replacement windows are not all the same, neither are window companies. Many companies only carry a few “stock” window sizes. At installation, they build the opening to fit the window, thus reducing the size of the view and opening up the house to potential damage. This “make it fit” inferior installation tactic may compromise seals that could lead to costly home repairs from leaks, rot, weather damage, unwanted pests and drafts. Custom windows are fitted to each opening and installed to the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure a lifetime of beauty and performance without compromising the manufacturer’s warranty.

Renaissance Windows and Doors represents top manufacturers that are selected by their integrity, innovation, quality and superior craftsmanship.  We have assembled an extensive line of windows to fit any project.  Our expert team of sales consultants each have more than a decade of experience to help you select the perfect solution for your home.  Our installers are our employees, not subcontractors, who follow our Exclusive Install-24 Process to ensure your installation is done correctly and to the manufacturer’s specifications.  

Replacement windows add beauty and value to your home for years to come.  No wonder replacement windows tops the list of home renovation.   

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