Wrap Every Room in Wood

Strong, Durable & High Performance Custom Wood Windows & Doors

For some time now, wood products have been considered the Gold standard in the home improvement industry, and are an integral part of the Lone Star State’s finest homes. This is because finely crafted, natural building materials set the standard of excellence . If you’re on the fence about which type of replacement windows & doors to put in your home, let us offer a suggestion: WOOD. It’s a light, strong, and attractive material that can be milled into an unlimited array of shapes and profiles.

Types of Wood Windows & Doors

Aluminum Cladding: An aluminum clad exterior has many assets. It’s virtually maintenance-free, it can be painted any color you want, and it offers extremely sturdy protection to the exterior of your window.

No Cladding: Wood windows with no cladding on the exterior are very popular for historic homes and neighborhoods where historical replication is king. These type of windows can obviously be painted any color because you’re applying it directly to a wood surface.

Why Wood Windows & Doors For Your Home?

Wood Lasts Longer

Research has shown again and again that quality wood windows & doors last much longer and have a lower whole life cost. With the proper care, wood will last a lifetime. This cannot be said for most other frames. And remember, wood windows are not prone to rust, a deciding factor for many locations especially those with high humidity levels.

Coefficient Of Expansion

Wood has the smallest coefficient of expansion than any other of the materials used in window production. This makes wooden windows stable and immobile and in turn allows you to select from a wide variety of styles and designs for your home.


Nothing can beat the elegant and warmth of real wood products. Natural materials have a unique beauty and that’s why most window frames attempt to mimic the look of wood.  Another perk of wood is also because it can accept all kinds of paints and colors the homeowner will choose to apply.

Environmentally Sound

For the homeowner attempting to go “green,” genuine wood window frames are as environmentally sound as it is possible to be. Wood is the very definition of eco-friendly. Trees are a renewable resource, and wood window frames need never end up in a landfill, but even if they do, they naturally break down into compounds that are beneficial to the soil.


Quality wood frames are actually the best insulators available today. Wood provides 400 times more insulation than steel and 1,800 times more than aluminum-framed windows. Our replacement wood-framed windows are exceptionally good at stopping the transmission of cold or heat from the outside.


Wood windows often get a bad wrap for not being maintenance free like vinyl, metal, or fiberglass. It’s true that if they are not properly sealed, wood windows can be easily damaged & are susceptible to pests, but high-quality wood windows have durable, long-lasting sealants applied to them & only need to be periodically cleaned off with a little household liquid soap & a soft cloth, perhaps once in the spring &  fall.

Our Preferred Wood Windows & Doors Replacement Brands

Sierra Pacific Windows

Sierra Pacific operates 12 sawmills, 8 cogeneration facilities and 4 wood remanufacturing/millwork plants in California and Washington, as well as one of the fastest growing wood window companies in the Western United States employing nearly 3,400 people.

Since environmentally responsible products begin with the raw materials from which they are manufactured, Sierra Pacific Windows and Doors are the logical choice for the environmentally-conscious consumer. The wood in their windows comes from SFI certified sources and enables the brand to identify products as sustainable with the SFI on-product label, compliance with the SFI program demonstrates Sierra Pacific’s commitment to the environment and to the Green Building effort.

Sierra Pacific Wood Window Color Choices
Wood Windows, Frames & Sashes
Wood Double Hung Windows in Houston
Sierra Pacific Bay Windows
Inswing Wood French Door
Renaissance Windows & Doors Hardware Options

Parrett Windows & Doors is a leading nationwide manufacturer of quality, custom crafted wood and aluminum clad wood windows, doors, grilles and accessories. All windows and doors are custom built and hand crafted to meet your specifications. You won’t be limited when it comes to choosing a quality wood window or door.

Contemporary or classic designs will be sure to match the style and era of your home. Attractive classic or modern balance systems and hardware options are available for your choosing.


  • All Wood or Aluminum Clad
  • Numerous Sizes Available
  • Multiple Grille Profiles and Patterns
  • Custom Sizes and Profiles


  • Metal Weatherstripping
  • Classic Weight & Chain Balance System
  • Weight Access Panels
  • Cast Steel Powdercoat Sash Locks
  • Full 1-3/4”, 2-1/4”,2-3/4” Sash Options
  • High Performance Weather Stripping
  • Aluminum or Wood Screens


  • Magnum Strength Jamb Liner
  • High Performance Ultra Durable Balance System
Affordable Wood Windows in Houston
Parrett Windows & Doors
Houston Custom Entry Doors
Custom Wood Replacement Windows & Doors in Houston
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Strength and beauty shine through year after year, with Windsor Revive™ Wood Clad pocket replacement windows. If you appreciate the timeless quality and craftsmanship of stained wood finishes in your home, look no further. Quality, durability and visual appeal combine to make Revive Wood Clad windows a true improvement to your home’s appearance and value.

Outside, heavy-duty 0.050-inch extruded aluminum sash and frame cladding offers superior protection against dents and chips – and is enhanced by a durable, easy-to-maintain powder coat finish that outlasts and outperforms ordinary paint.

Inside, the unmatched warmth and natural beauty of fine varieties of real wood are reminders that you chose the best.

Coordinating Windsor Revive Wood Clad products available:

  • Pocket casement and awning window (operating or picture)
  • Pocket double hung window (operating or picture)
  • Sash replacement kit – Our all-in-one, sash-only replacement kit

Need a patio door?

Coordinating swinging and sliding patio doors with the same hardware finishes, grille profiles and glass choices, plus additional custom options, are available in our Windsor Pinnacle product line.

Windsor Custom Patio Doors
Windsor Custom Patio Doors
Windsor Custom Patio Doors
Windsor Custom Patio Doors
Windsor Custom Patio Doors
Windsor Custom Patio Doors
Windsor Custom Patio Doors

The collections of JELD-WEN wood windows are designed to perform. You’ll enjoy beautiful, real wood windows that will last for years. Windows made with AuraLast®, a treated to the core wood, protect against wood rot, water damage and termites. Understanding the need to bring the market a protected wood, JELD-WEN spent years researching treatment processes. This resulted in a patented vacuum-pressure process. The process distributes the active ingredients into the core of the wood. This allows for a virtually 100 percent surface-to-core protection against wood rot, termites and water saturation. Unlike shallow dip-treatments which only protect the surface, AuraLast ® is infused with to the core protection. Every AuraLast pine product has a Lifetime Limited Warranty.† AuraLast windows and patio doors are built to last. The protection of AuraLast extends to termites, wood root and water saturation.

Sierra Pacific Custom Patio Doors