Premium Vinyl Windows

Homeowners are surprised to discover the big differences in

vinyl replacement windows in Houston.

Renaissance selected the premium brands of vinyl windows that are

best for Houston area homes and our hot, humid weather.

During your consultation with an expert Renaissance expert Consultant,

you’ll get questions answered, the truth about how long some vinyl windows

last, and how to comparesand choose vinyl windows.

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Premium Vinyl Windows:

Affordable, Durable Options

Differences in Vinyl Windows

One customer told us she didn’t want the bright white, fat-framed, cheap-looking vinyl windows she saw in her neighborhood after Harvey.  Renaissance offers you premium vinyl windows, not low-end, cheapest-priced windows. You don’t have to settle for thick framed, stark white, cheap-looking vinyl windows! Check with Renaissance before you buy.

Vinyl Windows Made in Texas for Texas Weather

NT vinyl windows from North Texas and Showcase Windows (Earthwise) made in Houston are popular with our customers. These high quality vinyl windows are available in today’s popular long-lasting colors. When you compare vinyl windows, ask about fading and performance after years of Houston heat.

The Best Vinyl Windows in Houston

Some vinyl windows just don’t hold up to Houston’s changing weather, severe heat and humidity, and strong sun. The best Vinyl windows for Houston are long-lasting, resist fading, have long or lifetime warranties, and are available in lots of sizes, styles, and colors. Renaissance Consultants advise you on how vinyl windows perform after a few years and which vinyl window is best for your home.

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