Awning Windows: Stylish Option that Provides Good Air Ventilation

There are a number of replacement windows available on the market. Awning windows are different from other options, since they open vertically from the bottom. The decision to use this type of window is often made based on where the windows are located in your home. This type of window is usually used in locations that are placed high up so that there is little risk of someone running into it from the outside. Advantages of Awning Windows Attractive and stylish in appearance Provide good air ventilation Prevent rain from entering your home Good choice from a security standpoint Economical Read More »

What are Egress Windows?

  An egress window is one that must be installed in specific points in a structure. These windows can be used to exit the building or home if an emergency occurs that prevents the doorway from being used in the normal fashion. In order to quality as an egress window, a window must meet specific size and function requirements. Where Egress Windows are Required Egress windows must be placed in each bedroom of a home, on every floor of the house, including the basement. The specific building code requirements may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, but older homes that pre-date Read More »

A Picture Window Gives your Home Plenty of Natural Light

Late fall is the perfect time of year to plan your home improvement project and think about what you would like to do around your home. No doubt there is always something you would like to fix (or fix up) around the house. If you have a space that faces toward a lovely view or you would like to be able to get more natural light into your home, a picture window is definitely an option to consider. There are some definite advantages to including this style in your plans. Advantages of Installing a Picture Window in your Home Cost Read More »

When is the Best Time of Year to Replace Windows?

  Are you wondering when is the best time of year to replace windows? While you need to consider a number of factors, including your budget, whether you are planning to sell your property (and how soon you want to have it ready for potential buyers), and your own convenience, there is no particular season of the year that is the best time to buy new ones. The work may be performed during any season, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, it is up to each homeowner to choose the timing that works best. Considering Best Time Read More »

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